Why you should have an email list

Why you should have an email list.jpg

I get asked this question so often and it gets me worked up (I get a bit over excited when I feel strongly about a topic). The excuses for not having one range from, “I have a website/Facebook page /Instagram account” to “No one reads them anyway”....blah blah blah.

Ok…So let’s Imagine...one morning you wake up and your Social Media accounts are gone. Facebook has disappeared ,Instagram has vanished.

How will you communicate with your clients now?

Your email list, besides your website , is the only control and link that you have to your customers. This is your direct communication tool whenever you want to reach out to them. Do you have a promo or a sale going? Do you want to let them know who you are and what you do? Email is a great way to connect, and done correctly, a fantastic way to showcase your talent and build trust.

More people use email on a daily basis than they use social media...FACT!

It is an easy, effective and targeted way to speak to your audience. Your subscriber have taken the time to click the button and fill in the form so that they can and will hear from you. This makes them an interested audience, potential buyers and repeat customers.

Now that I have planted a seed and you are feeling left out because you don’t have a list let’s discuss how to build a successful, useful list. Your main priorities (in order of importance) is:

  1. Quality - this means that the people that subscribe to your list must want to be there. They should become potential customers. MORE is not better.

  2. Relevance - they must be interested in the product or services you are selling because you have provided them with a solution to your problems.

  3. Volume - now that you have the first two sorted you can focus on building your list.

DO NOT BUY an email list, we won’t be friends for long. Nothing good will come from this. You will have a 1 000 or 10 000 emails and no one that wants to listen to what you have to say. Take the time to cultivate your audience, remember quality vs quantity!

Ok, you're ready to build that list but what can you do? Why should they subscribe? People love incentives and we are going to give them a reason to subscribe:

  1. Offer them a special discount or freebie.

  2. Valuable information - checklists or “How to “ videos, specialised advice.

  3. Updates on your newest/latest blog post.

  4. Feedback - give your audience a voice.

A successful email list is a long process and a very important business tool. If you want to start now, I suggest you check out Mailchimp (free for the first 2000 subscribers - great for small businesses starting out) or ConvertKit.